Path across labyrinth

Project management

Your project, our worries, a common effort for a effective solution.

Projects hold no mysteries for You. The time has come to apply Your hard won experience to the field of IT projects. This project will finally be done by the book and follow best practices. This installation/upgrade/product will be done right. You are off to a good start, but as time goes by things are becoming a little strange.

IT projects seem to be a little different from what You are used to. Vendors and partners use some strange form of language nobody understands entirely. You are increasingly becoming suspicious of what you are getting and doubt that Your needs are understood. Those guys are anything but clear. You are not certain they are even from the same planet.

Maybe Your natural way of doing business is not project-like. This might be the first time you run into a serious project. Maybe You are just be a little bit uncertain how to proceed or how to prepare properly. You accept the need for things to be orderly and well documented. But nevertheless this amount of paperwork and detailed decision making is simply too much. How anybody can handle this is beyond belief..

In both cases: welcome to the world of IT projects.
A world filled with many strange words, weird processes and even weirder results.

If You let us we will gladly help You out and take over the burden of managing the project. We place a wide range of project related services at Your disposal. Managing the whole project or taking care of specific aspects … we can handle it.


You already have a project ?
That’s great !

If You are in need of an independent opinion or project oversight,
we are able to help with that too.


Preparing a project or planing for major IT changes ?
We are always there for you.

Available services:

  •     infrastructure design & planing
  •     project documentation & review
  •     comparative analysis of estimates & proposals
  •     TCO analysis & review
  •     any advice on complex IT issues You might need