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Software and integration

Inaccessible was yesterday …

You can not help but make the observation that connected systems sharing data are very useful. Wouldn’t it be nice if Your apps could talk to each other ? Many are already connectable by design. But somehow there is no common language. Despite Your best efforts the coffee machine still remains incapable of reporting coffee breaks to Your HR system. Not to mention that production and accounting seem to have the same problem. Frustrations are mounting.

Slowly You begin to understand what “mission impossible” actually means.

You tried talking to the various apps vendors. They would like to help You but can’t reach an agreement among themselves. Nobody knows who is in charge and how this integration thing is supposed to work in the end. The technologies used are anything but compatible. Deadlines remain dead across all lines. Costs are growing out of control. Frustrations are at an all time high.

Now You know exactly what “mission impossible” actually means.

You are not the first victim of such circumstances.
Integrations (connecting apps) are among the most useful and most demanding IT projects.

Time to ask yourself the right question. The question is not “how”. The question is  “who”.

You need a reliable partner:
• without any conflict of interest because they are not application vendors
• not limited to a few specific technologies
• with previous significant experience on integration projects
• capable of communicating with Your application vendors
• able to keep Your best interests in mind

If you let us we will gladly prove how far integrated system really can go.