Software as a service

Your apps, our platform, complete security, universal access and a significant cost decrease.

Software as a service means that we take Your apps and move them to our much more capable and secure execution platform allowing for full Internet access. Your way of using apps and doing business stays unchanged.



Differences that matter:

  • Your data is always safe and secure
  • peed of operation is much improved and more consistent
  • Hardware malfunctions and loss of equipment becomes irrelevant
  • A notable cost decrease
  • Pay only for what You really need and use, nothing else

Let us take care of availability and security and leave behind unnecessary equipment and costs of ownership.

Need some more information ?

A simpler name for Software as a service would be “virtual applications”.

You are probably familiar with “virtual machines” or “virtual computers”. Those are nothing more than a copy of your everyday computers and servers, but running on a larger scale and more capable platform pretending to be individual computers and servers. In essence it removes the hardware from your hardware. You stop being dependent on specific hardware and protect yourself from hardware failures and problems. And save a lot of money in the process. Larger systems pretending to be many smaller systems are much more efficient than individual computers or servers due to better utilization of equipment.

Now apply the same concept to applications instead of computers and servers.

A copy of your application running in an environment pretending to be your computers and servers. An environment that is much more secure and reliable. And enables savings. Why spend resources on pretending to be a whole computer or server when you can provide only the resources the application actually needs to run well ? This is much more cost efficient and safe. A simpler system has much less potential to go bad.

In short: take the apps you really need, give them the minimum they need to run well and keep everything simple, well maintained and cost efficient.

What about licences ?


Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) is a licensing option available to Microsoft certified service and solution providers. It enables us to provide the full range of Microsoft licenses for platforms and applications in various subscription models.

In essence: rent-a-license on a monthly basis.


What are the benefits of SPLA licensing ?

  • Flexibility: adjust your licensing to your needs on a monthly basis (what you use is what you pay for)
  • Adaptability: multiple editions and versions available for all licensed products
  • Efficiency: infrastructure as a service and hosting services available for data center environments
  • Privacy: on-premise deployment available.
  • Free trial: 60-day trial period for up to 50 users
  • Fair terms: no setup fee, hidden costs or long term obligations
  • A simple deal: one contractual agreement covers everything

Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Desktop products are also available for SPLA licensing.